Commercial property ownership may appear to be a simple investment, however, most successful commercial property investors are aware that they are rarely, if ever, “set and forget” opportunities. (more…) Depending on the desired location, building new commercial properties will always come with unexpected risks and possibly some unforeseen advantages. The Las Vegas Valley is especially unique when it comes to creating and running successful businesses as it affords its own specific set of challenges and benefits. (more…) With a history rich in adventure and tourism, the Las Vegas landscape has changed over the years. It is no longer just a mecca for entertainment, but also is a target for commercial businesses who are migrating to take advantage of the metropolitan areas. (more…) Investing in commercial properties in Las Vegas can be a great opportunity if you are diligent about the process.  Having a local property management team on your side to protect the value of your properties is critical, particularly if the property is remotely managed. (more…)

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