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What defines us . . . What motivates us . . . What inspires us

Cost Minimization

We focus on containing expenses through attention to detail, timely improvements, and aggressive bid solicitation based on years of professional commercial property management experience.

Our proprietary CivicServer™ platform puts real-time, higher quality information at our fingertips, so there’s no time wasted chasing down documents. Instead, our staff can devote more time to vetting fees and estimates from vendors, utilities, and other services to better improve your bottom line.

Future Faced

We also keep asset management front and center, recommending upgrades and changes along the way that can project higher profits for you.

Target Driven

We customize our efforts to your specific goals and needs. With our CivicServer™ technology, you have real-time access to factual, accurate information for budgeting and ROI projections.

Beyond the Mandatory

The lease may say once a year, but we say more is better. Actually, much better. We run CAM reconciliations as frequently as needed to keep you in the loop and ahead of the game.

Efficiency in Many Forms

The beauty of our proprietary CivicServer™ platform is its vigilance; its ability to identify dynamic shifts, keep watch, and raise red flags. Because we operate much more efficiently, we can respond more quickly to your needs—and our staff has more time to spend on each property.

we also feature

Like any first rate commercial property management company, we also feature . . .

Single-point responsibility

It’s just smart business

Straight-forward reporting

Our CivicServer™ technology makes everything you or your tenant may need available with real-time accuracy

Long-term thinking

With a focus on asset management

Precise, attentive methods

Operating by the book, keeping stats and your investment on point

Proactive steps

Taking action before issues arise

Quick distributions

Efficient, speedy, accurate direct deposits

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