Building Operations


  • Conduct weekly site inspections and handle any maintenance issues that may arise
  • Establish preventative maintenance programs to preserve the condition of the property while meeting budget requirements
  • Contract with and oversee third-party service providers
  • Evaluate and recommend an energy management program that yields the most efficient usage for the property, at competitive rates
  • Identify and recommend any capital projects during annual budget preparation
  • Provide guidance and ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, including fire and life safety, indoor air quality, American Disability Association, and other applicable rules and regulations
  • Establish a competitive bidding process, award and monitor repair and improvement works to deliver the best results for the property
  • Advise on and implement a security program for each property as necessary
  • Landlord representation for leasing renewals, expansions or modifications
  • Establish emergency procedures to safeguard each property and its occupants
  • Oversee construction/tenant improvement and project management services

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