Community Vision®

Definitely not business as usual.

Unlike other property management companies, Community Vision, Inc. (CVI) is rethinking and taking tenant relationships to the next level by providing easy access to all the things that tenants need. Community Vision software, powered by CIVICSERVER®, is a highly advanced technology platform that provides rapid response to tenant issues, and a full range of social tools for engagement and connection, both within your commercial community property, and in the outside world. With proprietary Community Vision Software, Las Vegas businesses are provided with a full-service commercial management solution that gives tenants:
All of these services and benefits are included in your CVI property management package. In addition to the usual services provided by most commercial property managers, businesses in each business community will now be able to share a branded web portal to communicate with management, one another, and their customers. For example: a salon could post before and after images of clients and offer special promotions. Restaurants can offer online ordering, full menus and information on specials. Professional service providers (attorneys, physicians, etc.) will be able to schedule appointments, communicate with clients, and host a blog or information forum. All merchants and businesses will have access to dynamic websites that can be updated in real-time through a common user interface and menu system. In addition, all Community Vision systems will be seamlessly integrated and scalable, allowing owners of multiple businesses in various locations to combine schedules, mailing lists, offers, and information offerings. Each web portal will be maintained with the latest Community Vision Software and widely promoted through social media using the latest marketing tools.

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