How Choosing Local Property Management in Las Vegas Can Protect Your Investments

May 16th, 2016 by Doug Blattner

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Investing in commercial properties in Las Vegas can be a great opportunity if you are diligent about the process.  Having a local property management team on your side to protect the value of your properties is critical, particularly if the property is remotely managed. Here are four ways a good, local property management firm can help keep your investment properties generating income and protected from common ownership pitfalls within Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Valley as a whole.

1. Knowledge of Local Laws

Commercial leasing and real estate laws need to be considered when it comes to the greater Las Vegas area.  Property management teams work with local real estate and development attorneys when needed to ensure that all aspects of building management are taken into account. This protects a client’s investment by ensuring that day-to-day-management is handled correctly and legally.

2. Quick Turn-Around Time and Service

A significant factor affecting a property’s profitability is the quality and satisfaction of the tenants who occupy the space. Tenants expect a high level of service by the property manager in order to build a future at the location.  Local property management has an advantage over larger remote companies when it comes servicing leasing agent and broker requests. Providing timely, exceptional service to the leasing agent and tenant is key to keeping the property’s occupancy high.

3. On-line, Web Enabled, Technology

Having on-line, real time, access to key performance indicators associated with the property is essential for any owner. On line access to daily operational activity allows owners to make timely and efficient decisions that will keep investment properties current and well maintained with high leaseholder collection rates.  Specific functions, such as the ability to observe financial transactions like rent payments or service request placement and fulfillment, is a critical factor for overall satisfaction for both owners and tenants alike. Operational data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world affords owners the benefit of peace of mind, profitability and growth.

4. Knowledge of Downtown

Real estate in new and diverse locations continues to grow in Las Vegas.  The Downtown area in particular is currently something that local government is excited about. Redevelopment areas such as this are targeted by the city to help commercial properties bring in the right businesses, including larger anchor spaces and new buildings. Property managers assist investors in the navigation of local laws and government incentives that might be available. Owners can rest easy knowing their properties are being taken care of locally by a business that knows both the Las Vegas Valley and the commercial property management field. When it comes to investment properties, lowering your overall risk while steadily generating income is important. This is something that local commercial property management firms take seriously. By being attentive to local issues and by taking advantage of incentives, local property management firms will maximize your investment in your property.