New commercial development in the Las Vegas Area

June 25th, 2016 by Doug Blattner

Las Vegas Office Building
Depending on the desired location, building new commercial properties will always come with unexpected risks and possibly some unforeseen advantages. The Las Vegas Valley is especially unique when it comes to creating and running successful businesses as it affords its own specific set of challenges and benefits.  Here are some of those challenges, and some potential benefits that the area can actually offer.

1. Benefits of Paced Initial Development

Commercial properties can involve substantial capital to get started, and often investors expect an immediate return on their investment. It is important to know that while those potential returns can definitely be realized in the Las Vegas Valley, they may not be immediate. This, however, is not a substantial drawback. Las Vegas commercial build-outs are an investment for those who can visualize the end game and understand that today’s development will reap significant returns in the future.

2. Opportunities in new development areas

As the local economy strengthens, more individuals are migrating to Las Vegas to take advantage of the newly created employment opportunities that industrial development brings. As commercial space develops, and larger organizations such as Faraday Futures are established, the available recruitment pool consequently deepens.  This talent pool is often available 24/7 due to the nature of the area.  Summerlin, which is West of Las Vegas, is an outstanding example of a commercial environment which was developed over the last 20 years on unbroken land, and now hosts call centers, retail, entertainment, and healthcare industries. Spearheading the initial development of the area is still a feasible opportunity for investors, and commercial property management firms are established and ready to work with investors to create these new opportunities.

3. Building Big Business in a Desert

The Las Vegas Valley continues to grow despite perceived challenges posed by the local climate and land. Expanding commercial properties throughout the greater Las Vegas area requires services and facilities in order to succeed.  Water, energy, services, roads, and increased residential options all need to be a part of the master planning process, hand in hand with local government. Infrastructure is slowly catching up to the increasing demand in the area and local government is supportive of growth which is highly beneficial to developers. Many businesses are experiencing the benefits of having a metropolitan location while taking advantage of the lower costs associated with Nevada, over states such as, for example, California. Local property management teams are prepared to assist local and remote investors navigate through the master planning process to ensure success.

4. Competition

Various new types of business are maturing within the Las Vegas Valley, however, it is not widely known that local zoning regulations dictate what type of commercial space may be utilized for specific types of business. This can be highly beneficial to investors when the centralization of industries creates a more efficient experience for consumers and the consequent revenues they bring. It is, however, recommended that investors work with localized property management, to ensure that desired commercial spaces are the optimal areas for their specific business, such that competitive advantage is maintained. Las Vegas remains an enticing area for development and growth, and, with the assistance of a localized Property Management team, should result in an efficient, effortless, and profitable end result for all developers.