The link between the Las Vegas business sector and education

October 12th, 2016 by Doug Blattner

Continued rapid growth in the Las Vegas Valley brings with it the need for more comprehensive educational tools for businesses and employees.  To ensure long term success, early training and continuing employee education must be significant considerations for any business. Here are four educational opportunities that may be of interest to employers within the greater Las Vegas area.

Higher education

Frequently, those planning to enter a new field, or even those starting their own business have some background experience, but may also have gaps in the overall education required for their chosen direction. This can often be fulfilled through degree programs or targeted career training that is offered through local colleges. Universities such as UNLV for example offer much more than just traditional degree programs. Currently, ongoing vocational training and certification programs are being developed specifically to partner with local businesses and supplement any skill or knowledge gaps. By taking advantage of these programs, it is possible for individuals to acquire the necessary skills quickly in order to ensure success in a chosen field.

Focused training and development

The business spectrum in Las Vegas is diverse and houses manufacturing, healthcare, technology, energy, retail and many more industries. When these businesses are aware of what training their workforce may need, they are much better situated to select the optimal staff development options. This may take the form of discounted education for example, paid leave for personal development or even internal training programs. Ensuring the selection of the “best fit” educational options can often assist businesses in their success. In addition, if the available workforce within Las Vegas valley better understands the needs of local business, they can equally hone their skills and make themselves more marketable over time.

Internal training programs

Internal training programs can be a significant opportunity for larger companies within the Las Vegas valley if they partner with educational stakeholders within the area. By working to develop internal educational programs, local educational resources can also help develop and incorporate training models into specific career development paths. This not only enables seamless training internally so that employees can grow from within, but ultimately encourages low staff turnover within companies in the Las Vegas valley.

Youth training

Getting young people interested in business can start early.  Vegas PBS for example works with community outreach programs to bring the right tools to youth through media and technology. They also have partnerships with local businesses to bring in tangible training and development for young people such that they can get started early in vocational fields that will be in high demand in the future.  Most professions are taken into consideration, and by understanding the needs of local businesses more deeply, educational programs can be tailored to ensure that those seeking specific skill enhancement, and businesses seeking specifically skilled assets, can get their needs met in an efficient and effective manner.

It is expected that both business, and consequently education, in the Las Vegas valley will continue to see growth in the future and smart commercial property owners should begin to plan for their future growth now.  By partnering with their chosen property management teams, relationships can be much more easily facilitated between private businesses and existing educational centers. Equally, commercial space for educational courses and trainings should be seen as an anticipated need when it comes to overall growth within the Las Vegas Valley.