Four Commercial Neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley with Rapid Growth Potential

May 14th, 2016 by Doug Blattner

Las Vegas Skyline
If you are looking to invest in commercial space within Las Vegas Valley, it is critical that you choose the right environment to ensure your business success.  To assist with that decision, I have outlined four growing commercial neighborhoods that are poised for rapid growth in the near future.

1. North Las Vegas

Although apparently removed from downtown Las Vegas, those doing business here are afforded more space, with sufficient room to grow and the ability to plan out space with a degree of creativity.  Commercial space construction continues to expand in this area month on month, and many companies, e.g. Faraday Future, a technology based mobility company, plan to anchor their space in Apex Industrial Park in the very near future.  With ample space currently available to build out, North Las Vegas is setting the scene to become a premiere commercial real estate space, in particular for larger commercial spaces. North Las Vegas is expected to be a sound investment for years to come.

2. Henderson

Henderson is a second city to Las Vegas, but it still resides close to the Las Vegas strip and is close enough to the Las Vegas center itself to attract industrial development, employees and clients. The Henderson area offers up both industrial and commercial space for businesses that have expansion plans, and its proximity to Central Las Vegas allows property owners to benefit from local property management. There are zoning spaces currently available within Henderson, for manufacturing, research, warehousing and other business segments.

3. Office Core

For more traditional commercial space including retail, startups, entertainment, or government facilities, sometimes being downtown is essential. The diversity of downtown Las Vegas is apparent when it comes to the Office Core district of Las Vegas. Primarily home to courthouses, City Hall, and banks, this area is anchored by Bank of America and is a staple target location for commercial real estate. This area has proven to be a lucrative environment for startups and established businesses alike. Zappos Inc. recently relocated here and continue to thrive. Businesses can have the best of both worlds in this location.  Enjoying commercial space availability, while also embracing a metropolitan area at the same time.

4. Industrial Corridor

The Industrial Corridor makes up the southern portion of downtown Las Vegas, spreading down the east side of Highway 15. The Industrial Corridor offers close proximity to downtown and the strip, but at the same time affords the space needed for future development of industrial commercial space. Smaller industries, such as auto shops and manufacturing facilities, have found long term homes in this area. This is a prime location for a commercial property management team to assist in the day-to-day needs of existing tenants and growing industry alike. The Las Vegas Valley is growing and developing rapidly. Consequently, the existence of traditional industry and influx of new business is creating a unique blend of needs for commercial real estate developers and owners.  While choosing the right space within the Las Vegas Valley is dependent on individual business needs, there are many options within and around Las Vegas that offer ample opportunity for growth for all business.